Meet our leadership team

US Board of Directors

  • Carter Luke, President, and Secretary
  • Sandra Bereti, Trustee
  • Sonya Marques-Correia, Treasurer
  • Steve McIvor, Sole Member

International Board of Directors

  • Joanna Ker, Chai​​r
  • Sarah Ireland, Interim Deputy Chair, and Trustee
  • Franc Cortada, Trustee
  • Sandra Bereti​, Trustee
  • Christine Lloyd, Trustee
  • Mwikali Muthiani​, Trustee
  • Berangare Michel​, Trustee
  • ​Karen Winton, Trustee
  • Frank Alarcon​, Trustee
  • Svetlana Ignatieva​, Trustee
  • Jamie Craig​, Trustee

Management Team

The World Animal Protection US office has a team of passionate individuals who have dedicated their time and effort to help animals around the world. Scroll down to learn more about them!

  • Lindsay Oliver, Executive Director
  • Elizabeth (Liz) Quick-Corral, Development Director
  • Lisa Monteleone, Marketing and Communications Director
  • Cameron Harsh, Programs Director
  • Nicole Barrantes, Wildlife Campaign Manager
  • Maha Bazzi, Farming Campaign Manager
  • Liz Cabrera Holtz, Wildlife Campaign Manager
  • Hannah Goldstein, Social Media Manager
  • John Karas, Senior Philanthropy Manager
  • Annette Manusevich, Farming Campaign Manager
  • Tova Randolph, Donor Relations Manager
  • Jeanne Turkheimer, Communications Manager

Lindsay Oliver

Lindsay Oliver Executive Director cuddling a lamb

Executive Director

Lindsay has been in animal advocacy for over twenty years, operated as a media spokesperson (featured on CNN, The Today Show, Washington Post, Wallstreet Journal), developed creative and engaging content, and successfully led a multi-country international team. She’s helped organizations drive growth, secure new partnerships, and host high-profile fundraising events. Lindsay’s experience includes strategic planning, benchmarking, and a strong passion for advancing DEI efforts and establishing and sustaining healthy organizational cultures.  

Throughout her career, Lindsay has seen firsthand what happens inside zoos, circuses, pet stores, puppy mills, animal research facilities, and factory farms. She’s used this work to drive real and lasting policy and legislative change for animals at some of the biggest companies in the world. This unique perspective allows Lindsay to speak to the heart of these issues, which has proven to be a powerful storytelling tool that inspires people to help make the world a better place for animals.

Elizabeth Quick-Corral (Liz)

Liz Quick | Development Director | World Animal Protection US

Development Director

Elizabeth Quick-Corral (Liz) is the Director of Development at World Animal Protection US. Liz is responsible for overseeing and generating funds for the lifesaving work we conduct.

Liz has many years of senior development management experience at animal and university organizations.

She has spoken at five national fundraising conferences on a wide variety of topics and techniques. She brings over seven years of nonprofit fundraising experience ranging from digital and direct mail strategy, major and foundation giving, sustaining giving, legacy and bequests, events and strategic management. She is constantly inspired by the many people who chose to entrust their giving to animal causes.

Liz is based in Los Angeles where she lives with her husband and two dogs Penny and Cocobella. In her free time, you can find Liz drinking coffee and reading a good book.

Cameron Harsh

Cameron, Harsh

Programs Director

Cameron Harsh is the Programs Director for World Animal Protection US. Cameron works to improves the lives of farmed animals in the United States working with producers, farmers, and suppliers to improve conditions.

Prior to joining World Animal Protection in 2018, they worked on food safety policy.

Areas of expertise: Pig welfare, improvement of health, sustainability, and equity of our food system, food, and farming policy

Lisa Monteleone

Lisa Monteleone Headshot

Director of Marketing and Communications

Lisa Monteleone is the Director of Marketing and Communications and oversees World Animal Protection’s US marketing, social media, and communications. Lisa has twenty years’ experience leading marketing and communications teams, both large and small, in the for-profit sector, primarily in fashion. Before joining World Animal Protection US, Lisa founded a consultancy dedicated to helping entrepreneurs who produced sustainable and eco-friendly products scale their businesses and positively impact their industries toward a more climate-friendly future. Lisa’s expertise includes digital marketing, social media, events, public relations, and celebrity engagement. She has long been an animal advocate volunteering at rescues and shelters near her home in New Jersey. Lisa shares her residence with her husband and three very rambunctious rescue cats.