Animals in the wild

We work around the globe to protect and save wild animals – and to keep wild animals in the wild, where they belong.

End the use of bear bile in Asian medicine
Alternatives exist, help us fight the bear bile industry
Pour en finir avec la danse des ours
Help stop bears being cruelly exploited for tourist entertainment
Stop cruelty to bears
Help tackle the cruel blood \"sport\" of bear baiting
Support our bear sanctuaries
Help provide a new home for rescued bears
Sea Change campaign
Stop 'ghost' fishing gear threatening sea life
turtles, cayman island, cayman turtle farm,
There is no humane way to farm sea turtles
A wild African lion and her cubs at the Mara Masaai Reservation, Kenya.
Animal entertainment is animal abuse
Our work
Ending human-elephant conflicts with humane solutions
Leading retailers pull civet coffee from shelves
Sold as a luxury, caged civet coffee causes huge suffering
elephant, Thailand
We’re working with the Travel industry to better the lives of elephants
World Animal Protection - Wild Animal Entertainment - Animal  Welfare
We're fighting the deadly exotic pet trade to keep wild animals where they belong - in the wild

Photo by CC0 Creative Commons